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12,500 years ago, the ice had retreated from the Varanger Peninsula after the last ice age. As soon as the land was habitable, people came from the east. They lived off the rich resources on land and in the sea. At Mortensnes cultural heritage area, you can walk along a marked path and see traces of the people who have lived here. From tent sites used 10,000 years ago, through the Stone Age and up to modern times. There are 500 Sami graves, two sacrificial places, a labyrinth and a reconstructed goahti, where you can light a fire. The area is open all year round, but there may be snow from October to May. Follow the marked paths to preserve cultural relics that have not yet been excavated. The entire area is protected.

The information building contains an art installation and is open in summer as a visitor centre, where coffee and waffles are served. The building is also used for groups that have booked a guided tour.